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Online Coaching

Our online personal training service in one of the best rated of the fitness industry: certified personal trainers are at your service to build custom made training programs and diet plans. Get all you need directly on your phone with our free app.

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Online Personal Trainer

One on one training

If you live in the Caribbeans or if you are passing by or if you are nearby when our trainers are touring you may try our 1 on 1 personal training service. Be trained directly by Ivano Cheers, a blockbuster pro-stuntdouble, or by one of his closest trainers.

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Personal Training Curacao


Branded Fitness Cheers apparel: from tanks and t-shirts with our motto “You Want You Can” to hoodies and sweatpants with the Fitness Cheers logo, everything for men and for women, best quality and worldwide shipping. Check it out!

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Fitness Cheers Apparel


Thanks to our cooperation
with the leader supplement distributor GNC Live Well
we are able to provide all kinds of legal supplements: whey proteins, pre-workouts,
vitamins … you name it!

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Fitness Cheers Supplements

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Fitness Cheers

Who we are and what we do: You Want You Can
Meet Ivano:

meetivanoHi everybody, I'm Ivano Cheers and I'm the CEO and founder of Fitness Cheers: welcome to our main site. I dedicated my whole life to fitness and sport; being a professional stunt-double I always had to take care about my body: exercise and nutrition are my best friends. I'm myself a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and I work actively with our clients. With Fitness Cheers you have a personal fitness coach and your personal fitness store together. With hard work and dedication you may reach incredible results: YOU WANT YOU CAN!

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